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Ginger & Soy Restaurant has over 10 years of experience in traditional Chinese Cuisine. We bring you authentic Szechuan and Cantonese cooking.

Our chefs have worked in fine dining hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong and now they bring the best dishes from China to you.


Take Out is available all day.

We offer free delivery starting at 4:30 PM on orders over $38 (before tax).

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Our Recommendations

Chef's Choice

Wonton Soup (10Pcs.) 鮮蝦雲吞湯

Homemade shrimp and pork wontons.

Prawns with Premium XO Sauce 鹹香XO醬蝦球

Prawns stir-fry with sweet peas & celery in our distinctive mild spicy XO Sauce.

Peking Duck
$46.95 - $52.95

1st Course: Crispy duck skin served with crepes, cucumbers, scallions and hoisin sauce. ($46.95,) | 2nd Course: Duck lettuce wraps. ($52.95, Includes both courses).

Braised Chicken w/ Chestnuts

(Bone in) roasted chestnuts & oyster sauce.

Spicy Poached Beef

Tender beef poached in a spicy broth topped with fiery hot chilies, shredded cabbage and bean sprouts.

Garlic Pea Leaf Tips

Tender leafy greens lightly sauteed with garlic.

Bean Curd Skin, Enoki Mushroom, Broccoli with Sauce 金菇百加利腐皮球

Texture flavour-rich bean curd skin soaking up rich umami flavours from soy sauce and mushrooms in Chinese stocks.

Premium XO Stir-fry Vermicelli 鹹香XO醬家鄉炒米粉

Ddistinctive mild spicy XO Sauce stir-fry thin vermicelli rice noodles with shrimp, bbq pork, bell peppers and bean sprouts pan-fried.

Spicy Sichuan Fried Rice 四川辣味炒飯

Jasmine rice stir-fried with diced seafood, minced ginger and chili.

Spicy Kung Pao Prawns

Sauteed prawns with chili and cashews.

Singapore Noodle Stir-Fry star

Thin vermicelli rice noodles with shrimp, BBQ pork, bell peppers and bean sprouts pan-fried with yellow curry paste.



We definitely recommend trying our Peking Duck, available throughout the week. We suggest ordering our seafood dishes including delicious fresh live crab, lobster, and tilapia.

(Seafood is only available during weekends. We can also prepare seafood dishes during the week with advance notice. )